Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The zipline to nowhere...

It's time to revisit a sore spot.  Of course, it involves Sterling Webb.  And now, i want to involve the City of Sevierville.

When it was announced, last February, that a zipline was being considered across the French Broad River, i fired this email off to TVA and Jim Bryant with the City of Sevierville:

Hammer and a Feather Mon, Feb 14, 2011 at 4:12 PM

To: Jim Bryant ,

A question about the proposed zipline across the French Broad River

Dear Mr. Bryant ~

In all the stories about the proposed zipline, the developers' names are never mentioned.

I'm asking you point blank:  Is it Eco Summit Development?  Is Sterling Webb involved with the development in any shape, form or fashion?

The reason i ask is because Sterling Webb has left a trail of broken dreams and unpaid people in Sevier County.  You can read a lot about him, here:
and here:

People like me are afraid that Mr. Webb will tear the place up and then abandon the project as he runs for his life.  Not to mention another string of unpaid contractors, etc.

Hammer and a Feather

"If it ain't right, it ain't right."

Guess what?!?!?  No answer.  From anyone.  This only confirmed our (yours and mine) collective thinking that it could be another Sterling Webb financial fiasco.

Now, on the Teetering on the Brink of Insanity post, comes this comment:

Anonymous said...

He's doing a new zipline at the river using all undocumented workers and with questionable engineering. Someone will get killed on that contraption he has built. I hear it's a good place to buy your drugs from his Mexican buddies. How does this guy keep getting away with screwing over everyone he comes in contact with? He's like Sevier County's own little Bernie Madoff.

Oh, how could all those TVA and City of Sevierville Powers That Be fall for Sterling Webb's latest grift?  Those folks could not POSSIBLY believe this is all a good idea!  It makes me, personally, think that Sterling is buying them lunch, everyday.

You infer whatever makes sense to you...


  1. How this man Sterling Webb keeps getting away with this kind of stuff just floors me.Don Dare tried to get him and that didn't work,so whats next he robs everybody in town and B/S the state and TVA then when someone gets killed on the river zipline or on one his jet boats he will be running this spring guess that will be ok also.If anybody else would do what he has done they would be in jail.Also look for his buddy's Ivan Myrick and Chris Heaton to be in this blog soon with there time share/vacation club in PF.Same exact thing they did with him before they just got a guy named Stacie that has a little money now but when they run through all of it,be Wahoo Vacation Club all over again.

    1. Is it possible that the reason Sterling can only afford undocumented workers is because all his moolah goes for bribes?

      Even if bribery isn't the case ~ it appears that way to a reasonable person.

  2. I worked for Sterling for several months at his Bobcat business in the early '90s, never thought he had the brains to pull these scams. He had me balance his checkbooks & do payroll 'cause he didn't get it. He did tell someone else I had stolen $ from him, which I never did, & couldn't look me in the eye when I confronted him on it at a gas station months later. Never saw this type of behavior in him, then again, it's been quite a few years. Not sure why everyone's saying he's hard to find, I recently moved to Sevier County & I've seen him three times in the last four months, always in his Wahoo Ziplines Hummer. Condolences & prayers to those who've been abused by him, remember people reap what they sow.


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