Monday, August 1, 2011

Vic Milton is here; ask him a question

Those of you who are regular visitors to Hammer and a Feather have probably seen the name 'Vic Milton' bandied about...

... well, he's here.  He posted on July 29th on the "Sterling Webb Jumps the Shark" thread:

Anonymous said...

(, if you want to know what I FACTUALLY know, email me! Some of you including the Hammer got things all wrong.You want to bury the son of a bitch (Sterling Webb)- then stop complaining and band together and do something about it! I'm onboard!!! Vic Milton

Now, that's great if you want to email him, but i was hoping that we could start a kindasorta Question and Answer in the comments of this particular post.

I have no idea if Mr. Milton will cooperate, but i'm betting he needs to vent.  Just like YOU do.

Ask away... and, Vic, if you are reading this and feel obliged to answer as you are able, thank you in advance.