Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Forshizzle! Bob Leedy and Sterling Webb were almost cell mates!

It's true, folks.  Hammer and a Feather went fishing for information, thanks to this commenting tipster in the "Eschewing Obfuscation" post:

Anonymous said...

To the above poster:
Please contact the Sevier County District Attorney, ASAP. They will need copies of your lease, but only if it is signed by Bob; and copies of any receipts for payments.
Bob was just indicted/arrested today on 5 counts of impersonating a licensed professional (or something like that).
I'm so happy Sevier County is finally doing something!
I would send also contact an attorney to see to whom you should pay your rent.

Truly, there it was in the Seymour Herald, along with another surprise:

2010-11-15: Robert A Leedy, 68, of Sevier Impersonation of a Licensed Professional, was released on $10000 bond.
2010-11-18Sterling Ernest Webb, 42, of Sevier Contempt of court, was released on $1500 bond.

We all know that Bob's problem was continuing his business as usual, which was REALLY bad after losing his broker's license.  Hopefully, Bob's was able to bond out without having to dip into his pretend escrow account.

But, what court order did Sterling Webb violate?  Is there a myriad of court orders?  A plethora?  A bunch?  Sterling probably beat up a kid for his milk money just prior to being arrested, so he at least had his chump-change $150 bail.

Any tipsters out there?  If so, please vent, vent, vent.

Seymour Herald link: