Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sterling Webb Lost The Benefit Of The Doubt With Me

It looks like things didn't go so well for Mr. Bob Burns and his marketing efforts for Sterling Springs Resort and Spa and Zipline and Vacation Club.

There is no tellin' what happened between Mr. Burns and Mr. Webb.  Perhaps Mr. Burns smelled a rat.

(Remind me to tell you the story, someday, of how Mr. Webb came into possession of the property now known as "Sterling Springs".  It's NOT pretty.  For now, let's go back to the original thought.)

So, exit Mr. Burns?

Enter, My Realty Source.

Here is a direct quote from their website (

During my visits over the last 6 months, Sterling Springs has maintained a 97% Occupancy Rate, with absolutely zero vacancies from Thursday-Mondays.  As of today, the resort is entirely booked until October 15, and is in desperate need of rental inventory.  Don’t believe me?  Fly down and see for yourself.  We are offering a “Fly and Buy” to all of our investors.  If you fly to the resort, we will put you up in our private cabin (if available through management), give you a compimentary ZipLine pass, and reimburse your travel expenses upon successful closing.

If were anyone else but Sterling Webb, i would say C*O*N*G*R*A*T*U*L*A*T*I*O*N*S
If it were ANYONE else, i might ALMOST believe them.  But, given the probable source of the data, i can't help but think that his claims are fabricated.  Sterling's fabrications are always whoppers.

... sorry folks, but the man has lost the benefit of the doubt with me.

According to a comment on a prior post, the Wahoo Vacation Club is in shambles.  It was believable to me when the anonymous commenter states that the employees did not get paid "as a parting gift":

"Wahoo Vacation Club that Sterling Webb owns has closed it's doors as of Friday the 25th of June,but as a parting gift to his employees he did not pay them.Wonder what his new scam will be now since nobody in Severville will do business with the con-man anymore.We can just hope someone will call the labor board and the feds will get him."
Sterling Webb is the type of person who would take food out of peoples' mouths if it benefited him.

He is a known falsifier of things.  And that makes me leery of  "Fly and Buy".  If Sterling Webb is involved, it feels like a Ponzi-Palooza scam.

And i hope the My Realty Source people don't get screwed over in their business deal exclusively huffing and puffing Sterling Webb and his damn mess.


  1. Thanks for the inquiry. I am not sure as to what maybe going on here but there are avenues to get this kind of activity investigated. Probably the Department of Commerce or Tenn State Department. Having had rental property in Sevier county, I concur there are a of opportunist out there trying to rip someone off. If I can win the election feel free to contact me and discuss this and we will see where this thing may need to go. As it stands I am not the Sheriff and cannot really commit to anything at this time but I feel I should at least respond to your concern.

  2. Wow..I just came across this blog. I am the owner of MyRealtySource. Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, we have not sold any cabins there. We thought that the new style cabin would be nice and occupancy checked out to be solid. I'd be interested to hear other opinions so I can decide what to do with the advertisement. For what it's worth, we are licensed agents and brokers.

  3. @stallan54 ~

    Respectfully, you may be one of the lucky ones...

    There's a lot i haven't reported on this blog, because it can't be backed up with a solid source. Notice that Sterling has yet to come after me for libel ~ because he knows everything here is true and documented.

    Have you checked the property's abstract, yet? Go deep. It's another story slimed by Sterling Webb.

  4. I just read the funniest line, and i even had to say so!

    Okay, so, to this story:

    i read this comment:

    P_R_S_I writes:
    One of the greatest works of fiction known to mankind is a Sevier County abstract of title.


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