Monday, March 22, 2010

Sterling Webb Jumps The Shark

Do you have the will power to turn down 1100% Return On Investment (ROI) when looking to buy real estate?

Mr. Bob Burns from Miami Florida hopes you do not... Mr. Burns is marketing Sterling Springs for Sevier County's illustrious Mr. Sterling Webb. If you click on that link, you will see the full-page ad (in all it's glory) and contact Mr. Burns for yourself ( In case you are the lumber yard or cell phone company or innocent victim recently wronged or ripped off by Mr. Sterling Webb, Or in case you are a guest who walked in on beer bottles and condoms ).

I honestly believe a license from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is required to counsel an investor and sell an investment ~ but that was probably just another rule that fell by the wayside in a greed stampede.

Mr. Burns posts a very nice chart that shows you can expect over an 1100% return if you'll just turn loose of a little bit of money and invest in a One Bedroom Gold Mine in Sterling Springs Resort.

The only problem is that Mr. Burns bases his 1100+% return projections on an 82% occupancy rate and 15% appreciation. That means that he believes your new little Bank 'O Webb will be booked 299 and one-third days out of 365, and your new One Bedroom would increase in value from $378,500 in 2008 to $543,400 by 2013.

Uh, yeeaaah. Riiiiight. (The beer bottle and condom thingie is not the way to build repeat guestship, and anything over a 60% occupancy requires extreme repeat guests.)

Maybe one of the commentators from the previous article about Mr. Webb would like to get out their wallets, invest, and maybe recover some of what they say they have lost:

I would lust like to add that the investors were not the only ones screwed by Sterling. A local lumber supplier was screwed out of over 100K in logs and other materials

Yes we lost our hard earned money, and now we live in an apartment and dream about buying a home that we cannot because of his lies and our purchase. Not only did he not pay us, he stole all of our appliances, blinds, electrical fixtures and more to put in another cabin, we only know this because he and his partner Victor Milton had a fight and he let us know. I gave the serial number to my appliances to the Sevier county police along with the cabin that the items were put in. Still waiting for prosecution. We should sue him. Thanks for this Blog.

The man is a lier and a cheat.Do not do business with this man or his many company's,you will lose your money.

Yes I agree. We handled advertisement for him in 2008 and still haven't been paid.

Did people snap up luxury cabins in Sterling Springs? Will Sterling Webb finally get to build his helipad? Will Sterling ever build the long-promised spa? Did Bob Burns make some fat commissions? Why did Sterling change the zip-line's name from Wahoo Ziplines to Skytrek?

Will the innocent property owner get their appliances back? Will the advertising firm get paid? People say Sterling Webb has lots of law enforcement friends in Sevierville ~ so getting a warrant served might be a little hard in that good ole' boy town.

Stay tuned for Karma.

UPDATE 3/28/2010:

Holy Moly! I think these guys talked someone into investing pension money** in Mr. Webb's dream of a resort with a spa and helipad!

**Look at the lower left-hand corner of the linked-to page.


Maybe this is why Sterling Webb decided to change the name of Wahoo to Skytrek: Because they got an 'F' from the BBB.


  1. Get in line... Our company did over 10 K worth of signs, cards, flyers, brochures ad vehicle wraps and NEVER GOT PAID. if you do business get CASH up front!!

  2. I wouldn't accept his dirty money.

  3. A good ass kickin' is what the kid needs.

  4. How about a good 'ol Tennessee corn-holin' for that little punk?

  5. But, what if he liked it and it didn't make him stop ripping off and/or using people?

  6. Way to go Sterling!!..You've ruined Your Family name..Hell,Everytime People hear the name "Webb" the first thing that somes to mind is chicken-shit rip-off motherfucker..Mommy must be rollin' in Her grave You little Rat Fuck.

  7. COMES to mind I meant..Fuck,Just thinking about that prick gives Me typos.

  8. I hope the Pearl Valley Webbs don't catch wind of Sterling ruining their name.

    They will want to extract a reversal.

  9. What kind of Faggot ass name is Sterling anyway?

  10. @ Anonymous 2:57 PM

    Thank you for that bit of comic relief!

  11. Don't know if you all know be he started a new vacatin club after wahoo vacation club shut down and guess what he did it again to his employees.Did not pay them or the people he rented booths from.He runs around town and tells everyone who will listen it was I.M or C.H fault wahoo failed guess it was a good thing R.H got out when he did.Anybody who reads this if you bought into the wahoo vacation club sorry your screwed,you were sold air.Sterling is a thief plain and simple.

  12. @ Anonymous 1:18 AM


    ... and so it continues.

    Thank you for this information. You never know who and what you will save by sharing.

  13. Thank God I found this. I have an appointment this weekend for a tour and they are supposed to give me a free carnival cruise with air included. My intention wouldn't have been to buy anyway, but I know these sales tactics can be very persuasive.

  14. (, if you want to know what I FACTUALLY know, email me! Some of you including the Hammer got things all wrong.You want to bury the son of a bitch (Sterling Webb)- then stop complaining and band together and do something about it! I'm onboard!!! Vic Milton

  15. Vic! Thank you for chiming in the conversation because there's been a lot to talk about...

    For the record, burying Sterling was never my ambition (he's doing a great job of that, himself). My goal is to warn people. It's that simple.

    If even one person did not lose their money to one of Sterling's scams because of this blog, well, that's awesome.

    In addition, if one person does not lose their vacation rental deposit because of this blog, well, that's awesome, too.

    However, you'll probably be surprised how many people WILL contact you, and you know it's because they're mad as hell! May each of you get the justice each deserves.

  16. I bought into the Wahoo Vacation Club....Stopped paying my monthly payment because of a job layoff.....then I heard about Sterlings scam.....Now a collection company is calling demanding the balance in full within 2 months or this will be reported to the credit bureau.....When asked about a scam....they deny it! He's still scamming and threatening peoples credit!!!

  17. if anyone is looking for sterling webb you can curently find him doing contractor work in the market sq area in knoxville. i would really like to see him get his ass kicked. he is a piece of shit


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