Friday, July 24, 2009

Just because it's crazy doesn't mean we have to keep doing it

There is a difference between a situation and a problem. Generally speaking, you can throw money at a situation and it will go away. Once, there was not enough hot water at my house. The solution: install a separate water heater that was plumbed piggy-back style to the existing water heater. That was a situation because it could be fixed with the $ tool.

On the other hand, if money cannot fix the situation ~ it is a problem.

You know the situation i'm talking about... something is horribly wrong with the Vacation Lodging Service escrow rules. If rubbing elbows with certain Legislators got the legislation passed that allows vacation lodging service (VLS) licensees to dip deep-down into their escrow accounts (with no ramifications), then how can tightening the rules and laws just because it's the right thing to do compete with said elbow friction?

(...sorry for the rambling sentence, but DANG ~ i get so mad when the root of the problem hits me square in the face!)

In other words: What's a voiceless, victimized sect of a population to do?

Tennessee's visitors do not have a Political Action Committee (PAC) that i can find. So far, the folks at Smoky Mountain Rental Owners Association are the only people in the entire great State of Tennessee ~ that i can find ~ helping out Tennessee property owners as a group. How are visitors' and owners' rights protected when the SoT allows ambiguous, self-serving rules and laws? Could we even have a tiny rule that licensees must publish their license number?

Just because grifting and Ponzi schemes have been the 'norm' since 2003 does not mean we can't rise up AS CONSUMERS and cry "Shenanigans!". Are the POWERS that BE afraid people won't get licensed if they give the money part of the rules more integrity? This situation is additionally unfair to the companies who sell their body parts, rather than spend the money held in trust.

The 107th General Assembly convenes in Nashville, Tennessee on January 12, 2010. Getting some ideas to a committee might be a good place to start! This means victims and concerned individuals starting the letter-writing, now. Some may view this and that and this as a Smoky Mountain situation, but it is a state-wide ~ nay, NATION-wide problem, since visitors and property owners come from all over the map. Remind the 'Legs' to budget for the public relations campaign to repair Tennessee's broken image.

CLICK HERE for a fascinating and easy-to-read wrap up of the 106th General Assembly. I hope you are as appalled as i am when you read the part about making home-schooled childrens' diplomas weigh as much as public school diplomas. Wha? They didn't already? Well ~ glad they took care of that bit of business!

It's like Tennessee needing a law that you can't marry your first cousin.

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