Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My black eye.

Sometimes you feel like you get a black eye and a bloody lip when you work at an overnight rental company.  Guests can be brutal; owners can be, well, owners (owners: people with enough time on their hands to watch every step you make).  

The pseudo black eye as described, above, can be dealt with and managed to a degree.  Good thing, too!  And, it's good that the bad days are balanced out by the days when the guests love you and the owners praise you.

However, the black eye that a shot and a beer won't cure is the  reputation that Tennessee is getting around the rest of the nation.  Absentee property owners have been ripped off by so many property managers in this mecca of opulant scenery and lying bastard property managers, that they are starting to talk about it amongst themselves.

They're not whispering, either.  They're yelling.  

Some property owners have lost their life savings.  Some have lost property ~ and not because of their overnight rental sitting empty, either.  Owners have not been paid for actual rentals in their property.  This means they had to pay the utilities for a reservation that they were never paid for.  KaPOW.

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