Saturday, February 28, 2009

What ogres will do for money

Long ago and far away, a princess was married to an ogre who liked to raise fighting cocks. The princess was really interested in the science of it, and the ogre in the sport and money parts.

Sometimes the ogre would get mad because his beloved sport was threatened by pending Acts. The ogre would go see other ogres and they would collect money to give to an ogre representing them in front of the king. This rep ogre would plead the case of the cock fighting ogres (sometimes under great duress ~ but the ogres back home had given him a great deal of money, so he was willing to take a black eye for it) and eventually the rep ogre would win out by bartering and trading his vote around to get done what his ogre-people back home needed to get done.

What if how it was done for ogre-cock-fighting back in the day is the same way you put the wheels in motion to get the laws changed to way financially benefit vacation lodging companies? And what if it was much to the detriment of the roosters Guest and Owners?

In other words, let's start looking here* to see how a law such as TCA 62-13-104D(i) could have been introduced, passed, and unleased on the unsuspecting guests and property owners in Tennessee.


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